5 advantages of Viber messaging for business: how to increase conversion with the help of the popular messenger

5 advantages of Viber messaging for business: how to increase conversion with the help of the popular messenger

Viber messenger has massive potential for business as an effective channel of communication with the target audience. Given the app's high behavioral performance and growing user coverage, brands are incorporating Viber bulk messaging into their CRM strategy. This form of communication can be used for sales, customer acquisition, influencing customer loyalty, etc.

In this article, you'll learn how to create attractive business messages using popular messenger.

What is Viber for business

The application is available since 2010. When entering the market, the developers concentrated on VoIP technology, focusing the messenger on free calls via the Internet.

Over thirteen years on the market, Viber has grown from a simple instant messaging platform to a multitasking business application with an audience of more than 1.3 billion users in 193 countries.

Nowadays, it is a multifunctional cross-platform application that allows users to send text, voice, and video messages, make video calls, and create group chats and channels.

Viber API is a business application that allows companies to set up mass messaging in Viber of various types. These can be welcoming, promotional, transactional, authentication, and other types of messages.

In this way, messenger is an ideal platform for businesses to communicate with customers, and Viber bulk messaging is one of the ways to achieve results.

Features of automatic messaging in Viber for business

Overall, the messenger is not much different from similar popular apps. Businesses can send two types of automatic Viber messaging: service (transactional) and advertising.

Just like WhatsApp for business, messenger allows you to send long messages (up to 1,000 characters) with interactive content. The open rate of Viber messaging for business reaches 97%, which is only 1% lower than the open rate of regular messages.

However, the messenger has several unique features that set it apart from other messaging apps:

  1. Sticker packs - companies can create branded sets of emojis, stickers, and GIFs to increase recognition.
  2. Chatbot - artificial intelligence that helps you customize Viber automatic messaging and other processes of interaction with users.
  3. Communities - large interactive groups of customers and subscribers.
  4. ROI - tool for transforming chats into a customer account, where customers can receive receipts and track delivery status.
  5. Manual configuration of content encryption - administrators can enable secure mode for sending multimedia messages.

All of the above are great opportunities to create mass messaging in Viber.

Advantages of Viber messaging for business

In addition to being affordable and easy to use, the messenger has several significant advantages, which we will discuss below.

Engaging audiences from all over the world

As we found out, the messenger's audience is just over a billion people. But are these numbers a strong factor in favor of creating Viber bulk messaging campaign? Of course not.

Therefore, here are some more statistics:

  • more than 7 million interactions occur in the messenger every minute;
  • an average user spends more than 35 minutes a day in the app;
  • an average user sends 30+ messages a day.

The platform is an online space with huge popularity, so its potential for brands is very significant. Be where your target audience already is.

Two-way communication with users

Mass messaging in Viber is not just an automated process of sending promotional messages. On the contrary, using the API only for generating text messages will ruin your budget.

Build emotional bridges with customers, provide feedback, engage customers in dialogues, and you'll see how effective Viber bulk messaging can be.

Trust and loyalty of customers

Users don't trust no-names - it's a fact. And here we are talking not about local companies with a small audience, but rather about businesses that do not identify themselves. Unfortunately, when customers come into contact with such "brands," they often become victims of fraud.

In Viber for Business, it's almost impossible to get into such a situation. When companies open an official account, they receive a blue "tick". This means that the user has been verified, is authentic and safe for others.

The task of the business owner and marketer is to properly design the account: develop a logo, describe the company, add the address, contacts, and other important information.

Rich and creative content

The disadvantage of phone SMS is that they are not only limited to 200 characters, but also do not allow you to use additional forms of content in your email campaigns that can attract customers.

Create attractive, personalized, and interactive automatic messaging in Viber. Using various multimedia, such as images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, and CTA buttons, businesses can send messages that evoke positive emotions and sell at the same time. 

The cost of mass messaging in Viber

Thanks to technology, Viber messaging for business is much cheaper than sending traditional SMS. The cost of Viber bulk messaging depends on the recipient's country.

The app also allows you to send messages to chat for free within 24 hours if the user responds to the campaign.

Moreover, with the Decision Telecom platform, you pay only for successfully delivered messages.

How to implement Viber automatic messaging in your business

Decision Telecom is the No. 1 communication platform in Ukraine. We help businesses around the world to go from integrating and verifying their accounts to launching mass messaging in Viber for Business. We officially provide a simple and intuitive API at an affordable price that you can connect to your CRM system and set up Viber messaging for business.

We would also like to draw your attention to our unique Viber + SMS API service. If a business message fails to reach the recipient in the app, we will automatically duplicate it in SMS. With us, your messages will reach every recipient!


The days when a business could rely on a generic approach to customer communication are long gone. Today, companies need to find new ways to promote themselves, combining them into a single omnichannel technology, in order to remain competitive and popular for consumers.

Use automatic messaging in Viber to make creative marketing campaigns, share updates and reminders, and congratulate customers on important dates. With the help of various tools, business owners and marketers can effectively interact with customers, provide quality services, and improve customer experience. Get started now.

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