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IT-Decision Telecom is working for you online!

Dear Partners,

As you know on 24th of February Russia attacked Ukraine and the war was started. The situation in Ukraine is still difficult. Our Ukrainian team is working remotely from bombproof shelter and protected places, and doing their best to do business as usual. We have not stopped, we continue our work and we will be with you to the last!

We also want to note that our banks and servers are located in the US and Europe. Our financial departments are working as usual. We sincerely hope that everything will be over soon and we will continue our work in full mode, and we will meet with you, our Partners and Clients, in different parts of the world.

Also this year IT-Decision Telecom will be presented at Mobile World Congress 2022 only by Roman Yaroshchuk as he arrived in Barcelona a week ago. He will do his best to meet you.

Stand with Ukraine!

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