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IT-Decision Telecom (ITD Telecom) an international provider of A2P messaging and VoIP communication, holds an MVNO license and interconnected with more than 200 mobile network operators directly. Decision Telecom operates a carrier-grade messaging platform and network infrastructure with highest quality industry standards.
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Accelerate Your Network Opportunities
Worldwide Connectivity
For the more than 10 years we've built the largest communication network for sending A2P messages and making voice calls all around the world. Take advantage of Decision Telecom's 800+ connections with carriers, hubs, and providers for reliable worldwide connectivity
Direct Connections
Over the years of IT-Decision Telecom’s activity in the telecom market, we've directly interconnected with more than 200 mobile network operators around the world, with flexible and exclusive prices, and keep constantly expanding the geography of our 0-hops connections
Omnichannel messaging platform
With Decision Telecom's Omnichannel communication platform for enterprices, we collect and increase A2P messaging traffic and transmit it directly to mobile network operators, therefore create reliable mobile ecosystem for sending service sms messages globally
Global A2P messaging and Voice carrier
Decision Telecom a global provider of A2P messaging and Voice carrier, holds an MVNO license, as well as a member of the GSM Association and GLF Community. Operates a carrier-grade messaging platform and network infrastructure with highest quality industry standards
Experience builds trust
Traffic growth

We provide messaging and voice services for our business clients around the world. Our company implements promising projects, thereby expanding and creating a reliable mobile ecosystem that helps reach new customers and generates additional profit for mobile operators


We directly cooperate with more than 200 mobile network operators, providers and hubs, which guarantees fast and reliable delivery of SMS messages around the world


With the help of our user-friendly global API, our business clients can integrate popular communication channels into their web resources, mobile applications and send messages, verify and communicate with their customers programmatically

Premium support

Our support team resolves most issues within 2 hours. Moreover, you can get in touch with your Personal Manager at any time.

Our partners
Korea Telecom
We will be glad to meet you at international conferences

The representatives of our company consistently attend MWC Barcelona, ITW Washington, Wholesale World Congress, Capacity Conferences and other international events. You have a chance to meet the IT-Decision Telecom team anywhere in the world. We will be happy to discuss a prospect of our partnership and cooperation with you

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