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Convenient support
Convenient support

Support and advise your customers through the communication channels they use the most

Efficient communication
Efficient communication

Connect with customers as quickly as possible with IT-Decision Telecom’s multi-channel messaging

Customer engagement
Customer engagement

Send personalized multimedia messages to make an offer and provide a discount that will win the customer’s interest

Raise your customer focus
Customer experience

Raise your customer focus

Communicate with customers and take orders through all communication channels – SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, RCS or voice calls

Automatically notify your customers of the current status of their orders and expected courier arrival time

Improve the conversion rate from promotional bulk messaging by using multimedia messages in Viber and WhatsApp that contain action buttons, images and maps

Improve your interaction with employees
Notifications for drivers

Improve your interaction with employees

Notify your employees about new and current orders and keep them updated on the recent changes in your service

Keep employee and customer data private with two-factor authentication. Use a single official channel for communication between your couriers and customers on behalf of the company

Increase rates and at the same time simplify the registration and connection of courier drivers with automatic messages in messaging apps or via SMS

All communications in one place

All communications in one place

Centralize your communication with customers through all communication channels using a universal interface. It stores the entire history of interaction for easy tracking and analysis of customer journeys in order to improve service quality and increase loyalty to the company

DecisionTelecom helped us digitize our customer communication. Using the web interface we managed to provide a seamless customer service through Viber for Business resulting in an 87% reduction of average waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
DecisionTelecom made our integration quick and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber and SMS as customer communication channels with the help of DecisionTelecom API helped us significantly increase our conversion rate. In addition, our customers are more satisfied as now we are able to manage multiple conversations across our customers' preferred channels.
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Communication solutions for delivery service

In order for insurance companies to work effectively and improve the financial literacy of their customers, it is necessary to actively use a variety of modern information tools. Communication solutions for delivery service help stimulate the sale of their services by promoting their own products on the market. Thanks to them customers get free access to interesting and useful information. This is a key task for insurance business because it increases the efficiency of their activities. Communication solutions for delivery service in Ukraine help:

  • conduct a systematic analysis of product sales;
  • create a system for identifying an insurance company among competitors;
  • improve the sales of the insurance product.

There are different ways to communicate with users. Decision Telecom, a company with sufficient experience in communication issues, can help you choose the most appropriate option for your business. For such services as communication solutions for delivery service, the price is quite affordable for potential customers.

Types of communication solutions for business

In Ukraine today it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a modern mobile device - smartphone, tablet, any other device. With their help, information is exchanged quickly and easily. Popular messengers today are:

  1. Viber for business. It is quite popular, it is used in many countries. With the help of the business community, an insurance company can inform its clients about new products, conduct surveys, conduct live dialogues with the participants. Thanks to the activity of users it is recommended to use Viber to promote your services and products.
  2. WhatsApp for business. This is a great solution for communicating between customers and company representatives. With its help, several employees can simultaneously correspond with users on behalf of the company, send them notifications, carry out mass mailings, use chatbots, automating communication. By installing WhatsApp, you can control dialogs, clients are always aware of news, answer questions, receive notifications.
  3. SMS for business. This mailing list is an excellent tool for business promotion. According to statistics, SMS is viewed by the majority of users within 1 minute. Communication solutions for delivery service with the power of SMS have a number of advantages: large audience coverage, efficiency, low prices, simplicity, flexibility, efficiency.

A new technology - RCS messages - is also gaining popularity today. It is a universal form of communication, replacing SMS. The system is more functional and advanced. The cost of the service is quite adequate. The user pays for the spent number of megabytes or according to the current tariff. You can choose and order the most suitable type of communication solution for your business on the website of IT-Decision Telecom. Here you can also find out the prices and more detailed information.

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