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WhatsApp Messages for Your Business

Convenient Communication
Convenient Communication

Communicate with your customers 24/7 without a character limit for a message

Communication with customers without borders
Communication with customers without borders

Send service and promotional messages all over the world, wherever your audience is

WhatsApp Messages for Your Business
WhatsApp Messages for Your Business

The messages customers receive from you are displayed with the official name of the company and its logo

Two-Way Communication

Two-Way Communication

WhatsApp supports chat with user. This means that you can receive feedback from customers and provide technical support right in the app

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content

Make your messages more memorable by including images, videos, documents, geolocation or buttons in them. Create your own unique templates

WhatsApp Messaging Features

  • Official branded company account
  • Ability to attach direct links to your website or landing page in messages
  • Ready-made quick responses that can be sent to users
  • View statistics of your sent and delivered messages
WhatsApp Messaging Features
Favorable prices and discount system

Pay for outgoing messages at the rates of local mobile network operators. We also have a flexible discount system for those of our clients who send more than 100,000 messages per month. You may contact our sales department, and our managers will calculate the possible discounts for your project and select the most efficient ways of delivering your messages and voice calls

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DecisionTelecom’s platform helped us at MediaHub significantly improve our customer communication. Before DecisionTelecom, customer used to be served manually, but now these processes are more automated, economically efficient, and user-friendly. Now our customers have a seamless customer journey, and at the same time we have cut our costs by about 40%.
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency "MediaHub"
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency
DecisionTelecom made our integration quick and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber and SMS as customer communication channels with the help of DecisionTelecom API helped us significantly increase our conversion rate. In addition, our customers are more satisfied as now we are able to manage multiple conversations across our customers' preferred channels.
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Fast company growth with WhatsApp Business in any field

Today's businesses are doomed to fail without the use of digital technology. This concept applies to your company's equipment as well as to the way you do business. In the current circumstances, timely delivery of up-to-date information about your company is no less important than organizing a quality product release or a flawless level of service delivery. The WhatsApp Business option is an excellent tool for entry-level companies. Thanks to a number of indisputable advantages, it really contributes to the development of the organization and promotion in the market.

Although this business application is completely free and is oriented toward the average user, its actual integration can cause a number of problems. In order not to lose out by blindly relying on the reliability of the messenger's basic functionality, it is better to use the services of a specialized company, which will provide the entire package of necessary services in this direction. Decision Telecom will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding client in the market. The price of the final solution will definitely be several orders of magnitude lower than the profit from the obtained result.

Electronic support for commercial activities

It is worth ordering the installation of specialized software from WhatsApp:

  • to emphasize the seriousness of doing business;
  • simplify the work with the client base;
  • expand the advertising toolkit;
  • provide stable feedback on the services provided.

On a practical level, WhatsApp Business messaging has become the most popular. The technology makes it possible to inform customers about significant promotions and the expansion of the product range. This approach is effective at any stage of business operation.

IT-Decision Telecom specialists will help you use WhatsApp group messaging with a high degree of automation. You will be able to reduce the cost of your promotional expenses by focusing on those who are really interested in your activities. Messages on behalf of the brand demonstrate a good conversion rate when dealing with your target audience. Automatic WhatsApp messaging is very popular right now.

If you want, you can expand your arsenal by installing Viber SMS API. The competing offer has some differences in functionality, which is worth evaluating in person. WhatsApp messaging is a good complement to the above function.

Business in a digital world

WhatsApp business messaging has a number of features that optimize it for entry-level commercial activities. For example, the service can only be used on one phone. In addition, bulk messaging via WhatsApp are also not welcomed. The use of such a manner of communication in this application should be carried out carefully, because you can get a ban from the administration of the messenger. The specialists of our company will help to conduct SMS messaging for business with the desired result and in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

A proven tool is WhatsApp Business API. It offers a wide range of features, which is one of the best among the analogues in Ukraine. The workplace can be set up on any personal computer, and the number of operators is limited only by the staff. Restrictions on doing business by only one person or from one location are removed. Combined with Viber for Business, the approach gives amazing results in sales.

Steps to success via messenger

Our company always proceeds from the interests of the client. A good knowledge of the peculiarities of RCS messages allows us to prepare productive recommendations on the use of software, both paid and in the public domain. Prices for support are formed based on the scope of the package of services, and with a comprehensive approach can be reconsidered towards decrease. A properly configured WhatsApp for business messaging always pays for itself.

The most universal solution for any level of business is integration of other programs for communication with clients, combined with WhatsApp API. Although this messenger is one of the most popular, it is not certain that the person of interest uses it.

According to analysts, texting in WhatsApp has a very high readability rate. In other words, almost all short text messages from your company will be read. WhatsApp business API will allow you to use additional communication channels, such as social networks. The incomparable flexibility and responsiveness of this solution gets flawless feedback from users.

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