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Reliable Customer Authentication

Worldwide interaction
Worldwide interaction

Our direct connections with over 240 mobile network operators in 140 countries allow you to authenticate your customers wherever they are

Payment only for successful verifications
Payment only for successful verifications

Pay only for delivered messages thus reducing costs for the company

* the information may be not applicable in some countries

Simple implementation
Simple implementation

Verification can be used right after a simple integration of API into your CRM, web and mobile resources

Improve Customer Experience with the Help of Two-Factor Authentication

Improve Customer Experience with the Help of Two-Factor Authentication

Due to the increasing numbers of hacker attacks and data breaches, customers prefer working with companies that guarantee them reliable protection. API for SMS verification allows you to prevent frauds and increase customer confidence in your company

01\ Creating an account
Request user verification at the stage of account creation as an anti-fraud and anti-bot measure
02\ Log in verification
Protect accounts of your customers and their data by offering them to undergo a two-factor authentication every time they log in
03\ Verification of a transaction
Add another level of safety for transaction processing and file transfer
04\ Updating the account
Prevent accounts theft by offering your customers a two-factor authentication as they update their accounts

Implement Authentication at Any Stage of Customer Journey

Implement Authentication at Any Stage of Customer Journey

Delivery Speed Optimization

No matter how many SMS you send, hundreds or thousands, IT-Decision Telecom’s platform has over 240 direct connections with mobile operators in 140 countries providing fast and efficient delivery of verification messages

Delivery Speed Optimization

How API Verification Works

work 2

The system sends the user an SMS verification code through API

work 3

The system sends the user an SMS verification code through API

work 1

A user performs an action that requires authentication, such as logging in or initiating a transaction

Simple integration
Simple integration

Support for your developers throughout each step of integration and appointment of your personal manager

Detailed API documentation
Detailed API documentation

Detailed documentation that allows developers to quickly integrate API into their platform

Quick start assistance
Quick start assistance

Our support team will help you proceed to work in a matter of minutes

Ready-made SDK
Ready-made SDK

Client and server libraries for Node, PHP, Java and other platforms

Favorable prices and discount system

Pay for outgoing messages at the rates of local mobile network operators. We also have a flexible discount system for those of our clients who send more than 100,000 messages per month. You may contact our sales department, and our managers will calculate the possible discounts for your project and select the most efficient ways of delivering your messages and voice calls

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DecisionTelecom’s platform helped us at MediaHub significantly improve our customer communication. Before DecisionTelecom, customer used to be served manually, but now these processes are more automated, economically efficient, and user-friendly. Now our customers have a seamless customer journey, and at the same time we have cut our costs by about 40%.
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency "MediaHub"
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency
DecisionTelecom helped us digitize our customer communication. Using the web interface we managed to provide a seamless customer service through Viber for Business resulting in an 87% reduction of average waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Using Verify API for honest business

The rapid growth of technology for doing business does not at all diminish the main principles of doing business - responsibility and transparent working conditions. The client's feeling of confidence in his partner is often higher than the desire to get even a significant financial benefit. Today API verification is a great tool that allows companies to confirm their honest business credo. A customized API verification for a website will help to increase profits in the long run and will serve as a solid foundation for maintaining a steady growth rate.

The best return on the implementation of high-tech for business is observed when combined methods are integrated. Verified SMS mailings are is good on their own, but the full disclosure of  potential requires additional action. Thus, the installation of WhatsApp for business, which produces our company, will help you feel a real return on your investment in just a few months. Prices for such offers are formed depending on the total volume of the order and the period of service support. In any case, a good payback will quickly cover all the company's business development costs.

Benefits of the verification mechanism

Nowadays in Ukraine it is impossible to increase your client base without using advanced solutions. Verified SMS allows you to present your organization as a serious and reliable partner that puts security issues in the first place. Our company will help you to effectively implement verified SMS services in the already existing enterprise or build the specified structure from scratch.

The greatest advantages of verified SMS include:

  • Increasing the security level of transactions;
  • Two-factor authentication capability;
  • Ensuring the safety of personal data.

In addition, verified SMS confirmations have extensive options for an expanded set of distributed information. The RCS messages used here are equal in functionality to the capabilities of messengers, and surpass them in platform versatility.

IT-Decision Telecom has sufficient experience in this field to organize Internet support for business at the highest level. Specialists will offer clients several options that are most suitable for a particular situation.

Help with business messaging service

It is reasonable to order services for the development of a company's communication capabilities in one place. Modern solutions, such as Viber SMS API, have a multi-vector orientation and require coordination with other components in Internet marketing.

Although simple texting loses out to multimedia messages in terms of information richness, underestimating their potential is premature. They are unrivaled in terms of stability and speed, and the existing developments allow them to be used in the field of security. Customers really appreciate it when they are given the option of additional self-monitoring. The price for this option is usually so low as to be virtually invisible in a single transaction.

Decision Telecom will help you develop your business at any stage. The high quality of service does not depend on the volume of work, and the cost is always adequate. Applying Viber for business with our help is a great incentive for clients to establish productive relationships and increase purchasing power. Following the fairway of high technology is the norm for a business focused on development.

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