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Safety by default
Safety by default

Corporate data safety is integrated into all IT-Decision Telecom’s products by default

Top-notch support
Top-notch support

We offer our customers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average request resolving time is 2 hours

Simple integration
Simple integration

With the user-friendly API and support of our experienced developers you can easily integrate communication channels into your CRM

Ultimate Convenience for Patients

Ultimate Convenience for Patients

Offer your patients a possibility to communicate with their attending physician through their preferable communication channels – SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, RCS and voice calls

Optimized Doctor-Patient Interaction
Top performance

Optimized Doctor-Patient Interaction

With IT-Decision Telecom’s communication solutions you are now able to consult your patients online through their preferable messaging apps, register patients online, and confirm registration via SMS or Viber

All Communication in One Place

All Communication in One Place

All interactions between doctors and patients are gathered within one interface, regardless of the communication channel. SMS, Viber, WhatsApp – all in one place, for your convenience and user-friendliness of the platform

DecisionTelecom helped us digitize our customer communication. Using the web interface we managed to provide a seamless customer service through Viber for Business resulting in an 87% reduction of average waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
DecisionTelecom’s platform helped us at MediaHub significantly improve our customer communication. Before DecisionTelecom, customer used to be served manually, but now these processes are more automated, economically efficient, and user-friendly. Now our customers have a seamless customer journey, and at the same time we have cut our costs by about 40%.
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency "MediaHub"
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

How to improve health care services through communications technology

Medical science is one of the most resource- and labor-intensive fields of research. The importance of knowledge here is emphasized by the concern for human health and life. This importance places a high demand on all issues. The work of medical institutions, though an administrative area, must be carried out with an exceptional level of quality and coherence. Communication solutions for hospitals take the quality of medical services to the next level.

Such effective tools as Viber for business act as a connecting link, providing clear and uninterrupted operation of the system. The cost of implementation is affordable even for regional hospitals, and the return on investment is felt in the first days of operation. For business in the medical sphere, information tools stimulate the growth of the client base and help increase the activity of service provision. In Ukraine, this approach is becoming the de facto industry standard.

Improving the quality of service

Communication solutions for hospitals and clinics need to include an expanded range of information transfer. Existing messenger message types quite satisfy these needs, although there are alternatives that are priced lower. RCS messages have greater versatility in terms of delivery to subscribers, because they do not depend on the established messengers. Ordering such a tool means increasing the contactivity of all components in a treatment facility. Applying electronic business solutions in healthcare can improve the following services:

  • notification of the staff about the events taking place;
  • informing clients about the work of the institution;
  • coordination of the order of therapeutic procedures;
  • creation of redundant data exchange channels;
  • organization of clear interaction at all levels of work.

Decision Telecom understands perfectly all the peculiarities of functioning of medical organizations in order to integrate and set up any software product chosen by the customer. We will install communication solutions for hospitals at a price that is among the lowest on the market.

Step-by-step modification of work programs

When simple SMS for business no longer meets the current needs of the outpatient clinic, it's worth thinking about more serious solutions. There are several, and they are more effective than ordinary SMS messages.

WhatsApp for business package is rightfully considered one of the best existing alternatives. Customers of IT-Decision Telecom are always satisfied with the implementation of this product. Communication solutions for hospitals in Ukraine really help to save lives and restore people's health. Prices for complex tools are always lower than the installation of individual components, besides the overall effectiveness of this approach is always higher and provides greater coverage.

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