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Protect customer data
Protect customer data

Use two-factor user authentication to maximize the degree of account protection and prevent fraud attempts

Notify customers about the current status of their orders
Notify customers about the current status of their orders

Send customers notifications about the status of their orders in real time, as well as remind them of their incomplete purchases

Be in touch 24/7
Be in touch 24/7

Provide quick customer support through popular messaging apps and using VoIP telephony voice calls

Improve Customer Service Quality
Convenient interaction

Improve Customer Service Quality

Communicate with customers, receive feedback and take orders through various communication channels, depending on the preferences of the audience – via SMS, messages in popular messaging apps and through voice calls to anywhere in the world

Interact with your customers wherever they are. We have direct connections with mobile network operators in 140 countries which ensures reliable delivery of your messages and voice calls

Boost Sales

Boost Sales

Increase your conversion rate and customer engagement by sending custom offers and bulk messaging with promotions, sales and notifications about the availability of new goods

Analyze the statistics of messages sent and delivered to subscribers, control the conversion rate to improve your campaign on the basis of these data and boost your sales of goods and services

All Communications in One Place

All Communications in One Place

Centralize communication with customers through all communication channels with a universal interface. It stores the whole history of interaction for convenient monitoring and analysis of customer journeys in order to provide services of higher quality and increase loyalty to the company

DecisionTelecom made our integration quick and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber and SMS as customer communication channels with the help of DecisionTelecom API helped us significantly increase our conversion rate. In addition, our customers are more satisfied as now we are able to manage multiple conversations across our customers' preferred channels.
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
DecisionTelecom's Viber for Business and Chat Inbox function provided us the possibility to contact our customers offline and offer them more purchase options with direct links and exclusive offers. As a result, we have increased the number of our customers and the sales of monthly gym membership by 185 percent this year.
Irina, marketing director of "Geliar Gym"
Irina, marketing director of
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Digital solutions in E-commerce

Doing business with the help of computer technology is a major trend in the development of commercial activities today. Business mailings, remote duplication of daily functions, and automation of systematic processes perfectly help in the development of an enterprise. Such approach allows to save forces and means on a number of questions, to redistribute resources and to direct them on stimulation of growth. In Ukraine the principles of digitalization set standards in many industries, the customers benefit from it as well as service providers. Improvement in this industry improves the quality of services provided.

Choosing the right tool for a business can sometimes be very difficult. Despite the external similarity and almost the same prices, there are still significant differences. The technology used must match the direction of the business and correlate with the overall strategy of the company. Universal components, such as RCS messages, require detailed configuration and subsequent maintenance of the system. IT Decision Telecom will help not only to install new technologies, but also to make the right decision regarding their scope and type. Experience and knowledge of our employees helps clients to get a solution for all requests.

The main features of digital tools

Any high-tech move, including texting for business, contributes to the growth and development of a company. However, since the budget for innovative issues cannot be unlimited, it is necessary that the choice combines affordable cost and the necessary quality. A good option in smaller firms would be Viber for Business. It is an elegant and productive application that has good functionality. With its help you can:

  • Organize SMS distribution for business;
  • inform the customer about products and services;
  • receive feedback on your work.

Other major internet-messengers have similar options. WhatsApp for Business has already gained its own followers due to its exceptional ease of use. After Decision Telecom specialists help install and configure it, further work with it is extremely simple and straightforward.

A key feature of the above products is SMS texting for business. With such advantages as good customer perception, affordable price and fast delivery, the method is an essential support for every day.

Keeping up with the times

Mailings for business in messengers, although the most common, but far from the only technology. The next stage of development is Viber SMS API. This is a more serious solution, worth ordering to keep the pace of business development. Although the prices are higher, but the efficiency is much more.

A properly composed SMS for business is a very convenient and effective tool with a multidirectional focus. The transmitted information can display a wide range of meaning, and thus serve for advertising, feedback, security issues.

Our company will help integrate messenger newsletters for business for any type of e-commerce. Wherever promptness and active position on promotion of goods are needed, this technology will be appropriate. Communication solutions for businesses can have different implementations, which means the price for the software package will fluctuate. Proper selection and implementation of such options in the future will reduce unnecessary costs and allocate additional time to develop the strengths of any company.

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