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VoIP Telephony for Effective Communication

Voice features
Voice features

VoIP telephony offers you and your customers access to uninterrupted connection and a much better alternative to roaming calls

Transparent payment system
Transparent payment system

Pay only for the actual time of talking. Our system charges for calls by the second, which means you won’t have to overpay

Worldwide calls
Worldwide calls

Use verified local numbers to call anywhere in the world and become even closer to your foreign customers

Use Voice Calls to the Fullest
Reliable connection

Use Voice Calls to the Fullest

  • Stable connection

Thanks to our direct connection to communication channels of international mobile network operators and Smart Routing mechanism we always provide high-quality connection for your voice calls

  • Instantaneous connection

A call starts as soon as you initiate it. Our infrastructure negates the delay between dialing and the actual call

  • High-quality connection

Our system is compatible with all mobile networks which allows us to maximize the quality of a phone call and eliminate static and breakings

Connection without limits

Interact with Customers All Around the World

Communicate with your customers in their mother tongue. IT-Decision Telecom is a VoIP services operator which supports more than 100 languages of text-to-voice conversion

  • Virtual numbers

Choose local telephone numbers unassociated with a telephone line to make and answer calls from your customers and partners

  • Unlimited number of connections

Make as many voice calls as you need with sip trunk technology that allows you to connect any number of telephone numbers for simultaneous talks with multiple subscribers

Interact with Customers All Around the World
Favorable prices and discount system

Pay for outgoing messages at the rates of local mobile network operators. We also have a flexible discount system for those of our clients who send more than 100,000 messages per month. You may contact our sales department, and our managers will calculate the possible discounts for your project and select the most efficient ways of delivering your messages and voice calls

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DecisionTelecom helped us digitize our customer communication. Using the web interface we managed to provide a seamless customer service through Viber for Business resulting in an 87% reduction of average waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
Volodymyr Bezditnyi, partner at 4B Ukraine
DecisionTelecom made our integration quick and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber and SMS as customer communication channels with the help of DecisionTelecom API helped us significantly increase our conversion rate. In addition, our customers are more satisfied as now we are able to manage multiple conversations across our customers' preferred channels.
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Building communications based on VoIP for voice communication

The convenience of a short message service is excellent when you need to deliver short but important information. However, communication in correspondence is often limited in terms of the amount of information needed. Quite a few areas of commercial activity require the client's wishes to be heard, if not in person, then at least in voice pronunciation. Phone call tariffs of wireline and mobile operators are quite low, but when hundreds of hours of remote consultations are performed daily, the costs will be significant. Digital VoIP telephony is a great alternative to conventional means of voice communication. This service can be easily integrated into a company's communication structure if it is handled by professionals.

Any organization can start receiving VoIP services literally from day one. The specified digital package is readily available, with software from different vendors competing with each other. Viber for business is one of the most common products in the industry. At the same time, it is worth spending extra time to clarify its features in advance. Decision Telecom will help you choose the best option based on your current needs.

Features of digital voice transmission

VoIP and IP telephony, which emerged at the beginning of the 21st century, revolutionized voice calling technology as much as conventional voice communication did 100 years before that. It is pleasant to note that in Ukraine this solution has developed rapidly on a par with other countries. Organized online communication quickly won its fans. Applying the WhatsApp for business package can greatly facilitate the work of the company's staff, and thus concentrate on making a profit.

IP telephony has the following primary advantages over conventional wired PBX:

  • extremely low cost of voice calls;
  • the possibility of ordering a connection at any stage of business development;
  • comprehensive call processing and storage services;
  • excellent communication quality;
  • application of digital filters for noise immunity;
  • transmission of data in encrypted form, increasing confidentiality of communication.

VoIP technology for business opens up truly royal opportunities regarding the organization of communication at all hierarchical levels. Given the affordable prices of electronic communication, it is a must-have for every company.

Quick connection of communication channels

VoIP service as a communication network uses the technical resources of the World Wide Web. Considering that today high-speed connection is becoming more and more widespread, the prospects for business are shaping up in a profitable way. The company IT-Decision Telecom will help you decide on the package of services necessary for connection. For a start-up company, the options, the price for which is affordable, are well suited. Viber SMS API will perfectly complement digital communication with its features.

Fast IP telephony for business allows you to set up virtually unlimited voice communication with any location on the planet. However, we still recommend supplementing this package with a classic business suite. RCS messages will allow the client to return to the received information and check it again. And verified SMS perfectly work out the security issues. Communication tools based on high technology help to conduct business activities with exceptional agility and flexibility. Being in touch with customers and staff today is a prerequisite for any company to function properly.

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