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Professional support
Professional support

IT-Decision Telecom’s customer support works 24/7 and resolves issues within a few hours


You can be confident in our communication solutions – all products come with enterprise data security by default

API integration
API integration

With our simple API and the support of our experienced developers, you can easily integrate communication channels into your CRM

Increase your sales and customer loyalty
Sales growth

Increase your sales and customer loyalty

You can win the interest of potential customers even more thanks to the advanced features for bulk messaging in messaging apps. For this purpose you can use vivid illustrations, buttons linked to a website, maps and animation

Reduce the percentage of missed meetings with customers by using reminders – send discreet messages with meeting details. Show your care and offer to cancel or reschedule a meeting, if the customer's plans change

Make offers to increase the sum of standard insurance by means of personalized bulk messaging in the most popular communication channels – SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, RCS or voice calls

Simplify interaction with customers
Convenient communication

Simplify interaction with customers

If an insured event occurs, the customer wants to contact their insurance company as quickly and as easily as possible. Give your customer the opportunity to submit applications using the communication channel they find the most convenient

Keep your customers updated about the process of consideration of their applications. Send automatic notifications about the status of their claim – when it was received, expected dates of its consideration and adoption of a decision

Encourage customers to leave feedback on how quickly their application was processed, whether they liked the quality of service, and what they would like to improve about the interaction with your company

All communications in one place

All communications in one place

Centralize your communication with customers through all communication channels using a universal interface. It stores the entire history of interaction for easy tracking and analysis of customer journeys in order to improve service quality and increase loyalty to the company

DecisionTelecom’s platform helped us at MediaHub significantly improve our customer communication. Before DecisionTelecom, customer used to be served manually, but now these processes are more automated, economically efficient, and user-friendly. Now our customers have a seamless customer journey, and at the same time we have cut our costs by about 40%.
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency "MediaHub"
Roman Peresunko, Head of advertising agency
DecisionTelecom made our integration quick and easy. Adding WhatsApp, Viber and SMS as customer communication channels with the help of DecisionTelecom API helped us significantly increase our conversion rate. In addition, our customers are more satisfied as now we are able to manage multiple conversations across our customers' preferred channels.
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Andriy Kamchatkin CEO, INPRIME
Discover a universal way of communication with customers anywhere in the world

IT-Decision Telecom is the #1 choice for global customer support scaling. We help businesses achieve high results through popular communication channels. Let's discuss your project, shall we?

Development of insurance business with the help of electronic communication tools

The insurance business is rightly considered one of the most dynamic and active among other commercial activities. When it comes to millions of dollars in compensation or loss estimates, any delay can be fatal. Communication solutions for insurance companies help to perform tasks with high quality and at the same time to get the planned profit.

The introduction in Ukraine of high technology in the field of risk assessment and compensation is carried out at the level of international standards. Decision Telecom is actively introducing digital products in all areas of business.

The price of organizing electronic communication is tangible for the company's budget only at the first stage. Practice shows that it is cheaper to initially order complex software than to try to compensate for its capabilities with ordinary means of communication. Business benefits consist in the use of effective technologies, and not in blind economy on technical base development. Communication solutions for insurance companies always pay back the money invested.

The first steps in digitalization

Companies that want to reach the top of the financial Olympus always start their business with planning and organization of interaction. Such a tool as Viber for business, for all its availability, is able to greatly facilitate the work of the firm. This software package has the following advantages:

  • low cost of installation and maintenance;
  • the opportunity to promote their services on the market and build a customer base;
  • setting up fast communication channels at all levels;
  • providing an instant exchange of information of any content;
  • implementation of customer feedback.

Communication solutions for insurance companies in Ukraine really improve the safety of life. Services, on comprehensive assessment of risks lead to their reduction, and thus to maintaining the necessary level of safety in a variety of areas of activity.

Rapid implementation of technology

IT-Decision Telecom, with its necessary experience and access to state-of-the-art solutions, will help any insurance company feel confident in the market. We offer only proven and reliable software products. For example, our specialists optimize the settings of WhatsApp for business package taking into account your requests and peculiarities of your activity. The prices for the services depend on several factors, but they are adapted to the client's budget based on the technology used.

When setting up a messaging service in the insurance business, it is possible to use basic or advanced features. Regular SMS for business  is good enough because of its reliability and simplicity, but it may not be enough for a growing company. The additional features that RCS messaging provides will help you realize your full potential. When you install comprehensive communication solutions for insurance companies, the price usually comes down.

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