IT-Decision Telecom is finished Viber integration!
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IT-Decision Telecom is finished Viber integration!

Today we are pleased to announce that IT-Decision Telecom has finished development and integration Viber messaging in our communication platform. Now our Partners and Clients can easily send promotional and transactional Viber messages around the globe.

Through our Web account, our Clients can independently send messages in Viber to their customers. Also, using our API integration, our Partners and Clients will be able to send messages such as: Viber Promotional messages, Viber + SMS messages (in case if viber message is not delivered, the message will be sent and delivered via sms service and the client will be able to receive information in any case).

Business messages in Viber are not just text, it’s a unique advertisement for your business, in which: large text with emoticons, active links, bright and colorful multimedia and call-to-action button to your social network. A great opportunity to improve the effectiveness of advertising and the quality of customer service for any business!

We are glad to connect New Clients and give everyone 5 free Viber messages as a gift!

Join us!

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