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Business messages in Viber!

Business Messages are official messages from companies that you follow. Such messages allow you to receive the information you are interested in directly in Viber.

Viber Business Messages have so much more to offer than simple text. Promotions, discounts, and news from your favorite companies can include photos, links, videos, and more. And also, even simple text can be italic, bold, monospace and strikethrough fonts, with a new function - text markdown.

If you don’t want to receive Business Messages, you can unsubscribe from Viber on your primary mobile device. When you click on a company name by selecting Subscription Details and Unsubscribe, you will never receive messages from that sender again.

Would you like to use Viber Business Messaging? IT-Decision Telecom will help you create an official business account for your company. You will be able to send Business Messages to your clients, and also, with the two-way messaging function, you will be able to get fast and high-quality feedback. We will help you create a Viber messaging through your personal account on our website, or API integration with your CRM. Now your clients will be aware of all the main events and news of your company!

Viber does its best to protect users from fraud. Your official Viber account will be displayed with a blue checkmark, which is the guarantor of the authenticity of the account. Also, thanks to the security of Viber, all messages are protected by an end-to-end encryption mechanism. Your transactional and marketing communications remain private and secure.

Test your Business Messages in Viber now! Register on and our manager will provide you with more detailed information.

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