IT-Decision Telecom with Ukraine!
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IT-Decision Telecom with Ukraine!

We, IT-Decision Telecom company, have been founded since 2012. All these years we have been developing in communication business, our team was on world conferences and we are opening offices in different countries.

On February 24, our company, like the whole of Ukraine, woke up from Russian missile attacks. Thousands of people had to urgently evacuate, seek shelter in order to wait out this difficult time in safety. Even in this difficult time, our company continues to work to provide a quality product to our partners and customers, and to provide jobs for our employees.

Our country, our army is fighting for our freedom and the peaceful life of all Ukrainians. IT-Decision Telecom cannot stand aside, we've already sent our support to Ukrainian forces and we'll continue to provide support to all who require it, in this difficult times!

Now we must unite, help each other and support. We sincerely believe that soon everything will be over and we will return to normal life. Until then, we will do everything we can to support Ukraine!

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