Who Is The Best SMS API Provider: Your Top 13 Choices

Who Is The Best SMS API Provider: Your Top 13 Choices

Today's fast-paced digital era still sees SMS as a potent but often underestimated tool for businesses aiming to develop a comprehensive, omnichannel communication strategy. Despite its simplicity, SMS boasts high open and response rates, with Gartner's data indicating that 98% of SMS messages are opened, and 45% elicit a response. This highlights SMS as a highly effective tool for instantly, globally, and reliably reaching customers.

Businesses employ SMS for a variety of purposes, including sending promotional messages and customer updates, as well as delivering emergency alerts. Its adaptability and effectiveness establish it as a crucial element of any well-rounded communication plan.


So, what is an SMS API?

An SMS API (Application Programming Interface) serves as a robust tool that allows businesses to dispatch SMS messages from their software or applications. It acts as a link between a business's system and the telecommunications network, facilitating smooth and automated messaging.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the functioning of an SMS API:

  1. Business System: A business application initiates an SMS request.
  2. API Request: The request is transmitted to the SMS API.
  3. API Gateway: The API handles the request and passes it on to a telecom carrier.
  4. Telecom Network: The carrier directs the message to the recipient's mobile network.
  5. Customer's Phone: The SMS is delivered to the customer's phone.

You can learn about some of the top SMS API providers available on the market right now from this article. We shall examine their salient characteristics, costs, and unique products. To help you choose the best option for your business needs, we have also provided a guide at the conclusion. We have everything you need, whether your goal is to increase client interaction or optimize your communication operations!


A list of 13 popular and promising SMS API providers


1. Decision Telecom

€ 0.074737 per message

With Decision Telecom's API service, businesses can communicate successfully with their audiences and meet a wide range of connectivity needs. By integrating RCS, Decision Telecom gives companies the ability to send rich messages that boost response rates and improve client engagement. Recent data indicates that organizations using RCS messages have seen an increase in engagement. Response rates can be up to 20x higher and open rates can reach 98% when compared with standard SMS.

Decision Telecom stands out in the SMS API market with these features:

  • Global Reach: Provides extensive coverage, allowing messages to be sent worldwide.
  • Real-time delivery reports: Provides transparency and permits for immediate adjustments to be made.
  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly incorporate SMS functionality into your existing systems.
  • Advanced features: Message scheduling, automation, contact management, and personalized messaging.

Decision Telecom often offers a variety of price options that can be tailored to different budgets. Businesses can choose between a variety pricing options depending on the volume of communications and costs they need to manage. This includes paid-for packages and monthly payment plans. Decision Telecom offers a trial period to allow potential customers to evaluate the platform's features without committing. Businesses can assess the platform's suitability and cost-effectiveness for their communication needs through a trial period.


2. MessageBird

$0.0252 per SMS

MessageBird's reputation as a provider of high-quality SMS gateways is well known and appreciated by over 25,000 companies that trust it, such as Google, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Their services are known for its excellent performance without any competitors in its category. MessageBird’s SMS API is known for being reliable and effective, as well as, a large network that covers over 250 carriers around the world. This ensures comprehensive coverage and makes it a preferred choice for global businesses.

MessageBird’s SMS gateway has more than 240 direct connections to carriers, which improves message delivery efficiency through offering a complete suite of communication features that can be customized to meet your unique needs. These include email-to-SMS functionality, allowing seamless transition from email campaigns to SMS outreach, campaign creation, and mobile number verifying tools.

MessageBird offers highly flexible plans and pricing options to cater to companies of all sizes and transmission needs. Their pricing structure is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that companies only pay for what they use, making it a cost-effective solution for both small enterprises and large corporations.


3. BulkSMS

£0.033 per message

BulkSMS offers an extensive feature-rich SMS API designed to meet a range of communication needs, serving over 213,000 clients worldwide, handling millions of messages daily and ensuring pure customer satisfaction.

Some key features include:

  • Personalizing and modifying messages
  • Two-way messaging
  • Plan messages for future delivery
  • Keep track of contact lists
  • Examining detailed delivery reports
  • Bulk message capabilities

These attributes facilitate enhanced communication and audience interaction for businesses.

Customers should be aware of any limitations, such as message volume restrictions or API rate limits, even with BulkSMS's powerful services. However, BulkSMS provides customizable pricing options to accommodate a range of budgetary requirements. Subscription-based plans and pay-as-you-go models are viable choices that let businesses choose the best plan for their communications volume and budget. Additionally, BulkSMS may offer a free trial period so that potential customers can explore the platform's features before committing to a paid plan. This will enable businesses to assess whether BulkSMS is a suitable match for their communication needs.


4. Plivo

$0.0055 per message

Plivo meets the many different communication demands of organizations with a broad range of services via their SMS API.

Businesses can use these services to increase audience engagement and optimize communication procedures:

  • Send out and receive text messages systematically
  • Customize messages with dynamic content
  • Effectively manage contact lists
  • Plan texts for the best completion windows
  • Access detailed reports on delivery in real-time

Before using Plivo's SMS API, users should be aware of any potential restrictions. The scalability and frequency of messaging campaigns may be impacted by these restrictions, which could include message volume restrictions or API rate limits. Despite these factors, Plivo provides customizable pricing alternatives to meet different financial requirements. Pay-as-you-go models and subscription-based plans are among their price options, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the one that best suits their communications volume and budget. Furthermore, Plivo offers a trial period so that new users can analyze their services and explore the platform's capabilities before deciding to commit to a premium plan.


5. Telnyx

$0.04 per message

Telnyx has made the list of leading SMS gateways. The SMS API service of Telnyx is trusted by many major companies, including HP, Cisco, and Slack. 

This SMS Gateway offers:

  • Range of shortcodes
  • Alphanumeric identifiers
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Local and international numbers

Among other features, the SMS gateway supports multiple character sets, languages, and can send highly personalized text. Telnyx allows businesses to connect with customers in over 190 different countries, offering a variety of choices to suit any of your needs. Such as volume based and pay as you go pricing, starting at a low cost of $0.04 a message and $0.007 a minute for calls. One of the company's standout products is IoT SIM, enabling global connectivity for IoT-enabled devices. Telnyx IoT SIMs allow businesses to manage devices across multiple networks and regions. SIMs can be used with multiple carriers, and they can switch networks for optimal connectivity. They are ideal for applications requiring reliable, uninterrupted service. Give their IoT SIM a try through the 30 day free trial that is currently being offered.


6. SlickText

Plans from $29 for 500 messages

SlickText specializes in SMS marketing, providing businesses with the necessary tools to effectively engage customers through direct communication. These are all aimed at enhancing customer interactions and fostering meaningful engagement.

The platform offers features such as:

  • Mass text messaging
  • Two-way communication
  • Automated text responses

A standout feature of SlickText is its user-friendly dashboard, which simplifies campaign management, even for those new to SMS marketing. The intuitive interface streamlines the process, enabling businesses to navigate seamlessly and execute campaigns with ease.

SlickText offers a range of scalable plans tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes, with customization options based on the required number of messages and unique features. Additionally, businesses can explore the platform's capabilities through a free trial before committing to a paid plan.

SlickText's integrated analytics offer significant insights into campaign performance, empowering companies like FedEx, Cintas, and Hyatt to make well-informed decisions and enhance their messaging approach. Businesses can track important indicators, spot trends, and optimize their campaigns for optimum effect and engagement by utilizing these insights.


7. Twilio

$0.0075 per SMS

Twilio is recognized as a top provider of SMS gateway services, known for its wide array of messaging solutions, including APIs, SDKs, and developer tools. Businesses can use Twilio to programmatically send and receive SMS messages worldwide, enabling interactive conversations through both outbound and inbound SMS.

The platform allows for message personalization by combining data and delivering a customized experience for each recipient. Additionally, Twilio supports Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), allowing users to send images, videos, and other media files alongside text messages. Twilio also provides options for dedicated short codes for high-volume messaging or long codes for more personalized communication.

Regarding pricing, Twilio follows a usage-based model, with costs varying depending on the specific service used. Costs for phone numbers are based on the country and number type, while charges for voice services are determined by the call type and duration. Pricing for WhatsApp messaging also differs for various message types. Twilio's key strengths lie in its developer-friendly approach, thorough documentation, and user-friendly API interface, which makes integration easy for developers of all levels of expertise.

Furthermore, Twilio offers flexible integration, allowing its SMS API to be seamlessly incorporated into different platforms such as web and mobile applications, CRMs, and marketing systems. With a wide range of applications, from transactional notifications to marketing campaigns, Twilio meets the communication needs of various industries, ensuring that businesses can effectively engage with their audience.


8. Vonage

$0.0509 per message

Vonage, previously recognized as Nexmo, is considered one of the leading providers of communication APIs, transforming the way businesses interact with their clients. Offering a diverse range of customizable communication options including messaging, audio, video, and more, Vonage is leading the charge in revolutionizing business-client interactions.

With more than a million registered developers and more than 100,000 organizations as users globally, Vonage's communication APIs have grown to be a vital resource for companies trying to improve their communication tactics.

Vonage's services are centered around its flexible SMS API, which extends the limits of conventional communication techniques. Vonage has added the Verify API and Reports API to its repertoire in addition to the SMS API, enabling businesses to take full advantage of text messaging's possibilities. Vonage gives companies the tools they need to boost engagement, optimize workflows, and provide outstanding customer experiences through these cutting-edge APIs.


9. SimpleTexting

$0.0025 per message

With its powerful contact management features for targeted messaging and automatic responses that are triggered by keywords, SimpleTexting makes it simple to interact with consumers. SimpleTexting caters to a range of corporate needs, with customizable choices for larger organizations and a monthly cost of as little as $25 for the Essential plan. The platform is notable for its cross-industry adaptability, committed client service, and extensive educational materials.

Businesses may engage with clients through many channels by using SMS, voice, email, and chat options offered by SimpleTexting, a worldwide communications platform. SimpleTexting enables two-way communication, customized messages, and automation thanks to its wide network coverage. It's an excellent option for companies looking for efficient communication solutions because of its adaptable price structure, robust integration options, and round-the-clock customer service.


10. Sinch

$0.0078 per message

The Sinch SMS API is supported by servers globally and uses the JSON format for smooth requests and responses. Authentication is carried out using API tokens from the Sinch Customer Dashboard, which is mandatory for all API requests to ensure secure communication.

With different prices for incoming and outgoing SMS messages, Sinch provides a variable pricing model based on the quantity of SMS messages sent and received. Depending on the destination countries, prices may vary, offering specialized solutions for a range of business requirements.

Additionally, Sinch's SMS API is versatile and suitable for a wide range of use cases such as marketing notifications and two-factor authentication, making it ideal for businesses across various industries. Its industry-agnostic approach highlights its broad applicability and adaptability.


11. ClickSend

$0.0629/message for less than 2k messages.

$0.0512/message for more than 100k messages.

Joining the ranks of leading SMS gateway providers is ClickSend, well-known for its corporate communication solutions. The company provides APIs for SMS, emails, voice, and various other business communication channels, catering to a wide range of communication requirements. ClickSend's SMS gateway offers an SMS API that enables users to send customized messages according to their needs.

With a commitment to a 100% SLA and swift delivery through high-performance routes, ClickSend's SMS gateway caters to more than 90,000 clients worldwide. Its seamless integration with popular apps ensures user-friendly accessibility across different platforms.

ClickSend's pricing is based on message volume, offering a clear and transparent billing approach. With its robust features and dedication to reliability, ClickSend is a trustworthy option for businesses in need of effective communication solutions.


12. SMS Global

£0.049per message

SMS Global offers a wide range of services through its SMS API, meeting various communication needs. Their API allows users to programmatically send and receive SMS messages, seamlessly integrating with different applications and systems.

In addition, SMS Global's API includes features like:

  • Two-way messaging
  • Message scheduling
  • Personalized message content

However, depending on users' specific requirements, SMS Global may have limitations. These limitations could involve message volume restrictions, API rate limits, or geographic coverage constraints, potentially impacting the scalability and reach of messaging campaigns.

SMS Global's pricing model typically consists of a pay-as-you-go option or subscription-based plans, designed to accommodate different usage patterns and budget preferences. Costs may differ based on factors such as message volume, destination country, and additional features used.

A trial term may be offered to companies thinking about using SMS Global's services, enabling customers to assess the platform's functionality before committing to a subscription plan. With no upfront costs, companies can use this trial period to see if SMS Global's SMS API is a good fit for their communication requirements.


13. Clickatell

2k or more $0.0177 per message

Clickatell is a prominent global mobile messaging service, providing connectivity with over 1000 global networks through a single API, making bulk SMS communication more efficient for businesses worldwide. In the USA, Clickatell is widely acknowledged as a top SMS Gateway provider, known for its extensive network coverage and dependable service. With a focus on customers, Clickatell serves clients globally, offering a wide range of networks for seamless communication across different regions and demographics.

Clickatell provides:

  • Cloud-hosted web interface: Clickatell offers a user-friendly web interface accessible 24/7 worldwide, simplifying SMS campaign management.
  • Single account interface: Businesses can manage multiple users under one account, ensuring security and accountability.
  • Currency customization: Clickatell allows users to display account information in their preferred currency, enhancing convenience.
  • Detailed reporting: Clickatell provides comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards, offering valuable insights into campaign performance.

While Clickatell is strong in many aspects, it does have some limitations to consider such as message volume restrictions, API rate limits, or geographic coverage constraints, which could impact the scalability and reach of messaging campaigns.

In terms of a free trial, Clickatell might provide a window of time for prospective customers to examine its features and platform before deciding to sign up for a premium plan. Businesses can evaluate Clickatell's efficacy and suitability for their communication needs during this trial period without having to pay anything upfront.


Best SMS API features



Best for

Stand-out feature


Decision Telecom

Advanced filtering options, you can create a secure mobile ecosystem and effectively monetize your A2P SMS traffic.

Spam and fraud protection,

Grey route detection,

AI-powered filtering

SMS from € 0.074737/message

and voice from $ 0.04 per minute


Viewing analytics and tracking your progress and access to personalized and quick customer service.

Digital voice logging, VOIP software, cloud IVR solutions, Email marketing.

Contact based pricing for $45/month and $0.0252 per SMS


Streamlining communication and improving client experiences through SMS integration with CRM platforms, e-commerce websites, or mobile apps.

Mobi-gram, you can deliver branded content straight into the hands of your customers.

£0.0358p per message for 5k messages, price varies on volume.


Easy integration and set-up as well as great real-time reports.

Reliability, along with a strong carrier network and consultative customer support

$0.0055 / sms and $500 / month (Billed quarterly).


Hosted SMS and MMS support

Offers VoIP (Voice over IP), geomatch, and real-time metrics.

Starting at $0.004 to send and receive a message.


Obtaining phone numbers and using sophisticated marketing.

Loyalty programmes, opt-in pop-ups, and web forms.

From $29/month for 500 texts and 2 textwords.


Personalized SMS Marketing

Fully adjustable and adaptable API for creating unique applications.

Text messages start at $0.0079/message sent and received; dedicated phone numbers from $1.15/month.


Dealing with varying call volumes.

Call and Screen Recording and Vonage AI Studio

Audit API $500 per month and $0.0507 per message.


Simple SMS marketing initiatives.

Built-in applications and integrations for automation, contests, and polls.

From $39/month for 500 credits.


Finest network for email, voice, and messaging in terms of security and dependability.

Customized campaigns for mobile messaging.

$0.04415 per outbound message and SMS enabled numbers from $0.80 per month.


Top Fax and SMS with easy sign-up.

Easy to track numbers of outgoing texts and easy to set up specific phone numbers.

Dedicated number for £2.64 / month and dedicated shortcode for £923.48 / month with 5k messages starting at £0.0346

SMS Global

Enhancing security and customer experience.

Best quality of delivery, easy set-up, user-friendly interface, and free trial.

£0.049 per message and quoted subscriptions for higher volume sending.


A user-friendly, cloud-hosted web interface that lets you control SMS API connections.

Growing customer database, sales promotions, and even loyalty programs.

Price varies depending on volume, starting at $0.05754 per message for under 10k messages


How to choose the right SMS gateway provider: 7 key criteria

When selecting an SMS gateway provider, various considerations should impact your choice to ensure you get the optimal service for your needs. These are the primary criteria to consider:

1. Delivery Reliability

  • Seek a provider that ensures high delivery rates.
  • Verify that they offer optimized routing for faster and more dependable message delivery.
  • Review their uptime statistics to ensure consistent message delivery.

2. Automation and Scheduling

  • Use automation features to handle routine messages and save time.
  • Utilize scheduling options to plan message distribution.
  • Look for additional features such as templates, chatbots and batch texting to enhance your communication strategy.

3. Setup and Integration

  • Ensure that the setup process is easy to follow.
  • Verify that the provider offers various integration options to connect with existing systems.
  • Confirm the availability of professional help and support, including the assignment of an account manager and their response times.

4. User-Friendliness

  • Guarantee there is a little learning curve, and that the platform is simple to use and comprehend.
  • Determine how much training you and your staff need.
  • Find out that documentation is thorough and easy to understand so that troubleshooting is made easier.

5. Cost

  • Make sure that every expense is disclosed in full, including price structures and any potential unstated charges.
  • To determine which service offers the most value for your money, compare prices.

6. Compliance

  • Confirm that the supplier complies with all applicable local, national, and international laws, including the TCPA and GDPR.
  • Certify there are strong safeguards in place to preserve the confidentiality of senders and recipients.

7. Support and Assistance

  • Evaluate the availability and quality of their support team.
  • Check if they provide an account manager for personalized assistance.
  • Consider their response time and the quality of support they offer.

Choosing the correct SMS gateway provider is crucial for efficient communication. By considering these criteria, you can discover a provider that fulfills your requirements and supports you in reaching your business objectives.



Today, SMS is still one of the best ways for many companies to communicate with their customers.  SMS APIs simplify and automate processes, allowing for direct message transmission from installed software.

In selecting an SMS provider, you should consider factors such as reliability, automation and schedule capabilities, user friendliness, transparency in costs, compliance with regulatory requirements, and quality customer support. These factors will help you identify the right SMS API provider for your business.

Decision Telecom has a variety of integration options to make it easy for you to integrate your existing communication platform. Getting started with Decision Telecom, thanks to its easy-to-use interfaces and comprehensive documentation, is simple. 

Ready to revolutionize your communication strategy?

Use Decision Telecom's SMS API to get going right now! To join up and take advantage of the power of seamless messaging, visit our website. Don't put it off any longer; start improving your communication right away!




Is it feasible todevelop my own SMS API in-house?

Creating your SMS API may seem like an attractive idea, but it's crucial to grasp the difficulties involved. The process is intricate and expensive, especially if you lack experience in software development. Recruiting skilled developers, investing in infrastructure, and ensuring compliance with regulations can quickly become a significant investment in terms of both time and money. For individuals with limited knowledge of development, overcoming these obstacles can be daunting.

In summary, while it is technically feasible to construct your SMS API, it is frequently more practical and cost-efficient to investigate existing solutions.

How do I know which SMS API is best for me?

When it comes to selecting the most suitable SMS API for your company, it all comes down to understanding your specific requirements. Begin by asking yourself: what does your company need from an SMS API? This basic question serves as a good starting point. Consider factors such as the quantity of messages you will send, the level of customization you require, and any specific features that are vital for your operations.

Your business needs are not the only things to take into account. It's critical to have a reliable API supplier who can guarantee high delivery rates and low downtime. Examine the level of customer service offered; prompt, kind assistance can go a long way toward easing your difficulties. Pricing is another important consideration; be sure there are no hidden fees and that the costs are within your means.

In the end, the best SMS API for you will be the one that meets your company's requirements, offers dependable service, and is affordable. You may position your firm for success by making an informed decision by giving these things great thought.

Is there any free API to send SMS?

While there are free options available for sending SMS, it's important to proceed with caution. Free services often carry risks such as unreliable delivery and potential security vulnerabilities. Additionally, they may lack the necessary support in case of issues. Opting for a paid SMS API provider may come with a cost, but it's a valuable investment. Paid services generally provide more dependable delivery, improved support, and advanced security features. Investing in a paid provider ensures that your messaging efforts are secure, efficient, and in line with your business objectives.

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