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Support from IT-Decision Telecom!

We are IT-Decision Telecom, and helping Ukraine is now a credo for our entire team. Russia's attack on Ukraine has been going on for more than a month and many people need help. Our company does not stand aside and we have helped our country all this month and do not plan to stop.

We not only supported the Ukrainian forces all this time, but also helped zoos in different cities of Ukraine. Not only people, but also animals suffer from the war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the zoos are in a tragic state, on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Some zoos require evacuation and all animals must be fed and warmed.

The conditions of war put a lot of stress not only on people, but also on animals. We hope that with our support, the animals will be fed and calmed down. We are also grateful to the people who go to work at the zoo during such a difficult time.

IT-Decision Telecom continues our work and continues to support Ukraine. We are also sincerely grateful to everyone who does not stand aside and helps, because only by uniting can we live in peace.

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