5 Useful Messaging Templates for your Business

5 Useful Messaging Templates for your Business

Improve communication with customers, create a bright advertising campaign for your brand and increase your income with the help of the most reliable messaging service - SMS messaging.

When you start using a bulk SMS, it can be difficult to understand what should be behind this message in order to attract a client. We will help you understand and take the first steps in marketing your company.

Creating SMS templates systematizes the work of your company. Through our API integration, you can easily implement the SMS service on your site. For example, you can set up SMS to be sent to your customers as:

  • Two-factor verification of a new user
  • Successful order notification
  • Order status
  • Reminders and other notifications
  • Promo codes and discounts

One of the most important points in an SMS message is the number of characters. The maximum length of one message (one part) is 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters. If there are more characters, then the message will consist of several parts. 
Remember that SMS should contain the most important information for your client. This may be the name of the client, the date and time of the client's appointment, the order number and active links to your site. Below are some examples of how you can use SMS in your business.

Two-factor verification example:

For two-factor authentication on {Brand Name}, use code {338304}.

Please confirm your personal data, enter the code in your application {338304}.

Successful order notification example:

Hello, {Mary}!
Your order number is #{002345008}. We will send you a tracking link when we ship your order.
Thank you! 

Order status example:

Hello, {Mary}!
Your order has been successfully sent! You can track your order by number {000865567566}.

Hello, {Mary}!
Your order has been successfully delivered! Everyone is waiting for your feedback {www.yourcompany}

SMS reminder example:

Hello, {Mary}!
Your registration for the procedure has been confirmed on {14.07} at {14:00}.
View the details of your registration here: {www.yourcompany}

Hello, {Mary}! We are waiting for you on {14.07} at {14:00}
Address – {Royall Complex}, str. {Puhova 7}, Call: {3809900000}

Hello, {Mary}! We are waiting for you today at {14:00}. Please don't be late.
Address – {Royall Complex}, str. {Puhova 7}, Call: {3809900000}

Promo codes and discounts example:

Hello, {Mary}!
Get your GIFT and a {40}% discount. Your personal offer is here: {www.yourcompany}

Bulk SMS is a great way to keep in touch with your client throughout your interaction. From registering your client on the site to discounts as a regular client. But it is also important to remember not to overload the client with a large SMS stream. The client should feel your concern, not spam. With the right amount of promotional messages, you can not only keep your customer, but also increase your revenue.

Decision Telecom will help you scale your company and increase the conversion of customers with the bulk SMS. Our managers will always help you with any issue. Don't delay until tomorrow, today you can start your SMS campaign with us!

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