Transformed customer service through Viber for Business with DecisionTelecom's universal web interface
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Transformed customer service through Viber for Business with DecisionTelecom's universal web interface

4B Corporation is a reliable partner in registration and support of business abroad, preparation of financial statements and audit, registration of trademarks, international tax planning and comprehensive service for companies’ business.
Transformed customer service through Viber for Business with DecisionTelecom's universal web interface


Rapid increase in the number of customers necessitated new communication tools, channels and automation tools.

Previously, 4B Corporation relied on e-mail as a fast and efficient way to resolve customers’ requests. As the number of customers started rapidly growing, however, the company decided to find faster, more flexible and modern means of communication. The main requirement was to improve such parameters as first response time, average processing time or customer satisfaction.

4B experts also frequently hold webinars and events in their core business areas, so it was necessary to find a convenient way to notify participants of upcoming events.

4B decided that the time has come to introduce new tools to help scale customer service without sacrificing user experience.


Implementing Viber for Business and communication with customers using DecisionTelecom's cloud-based web interface

In order to reach the targets, it was proposed to use Viber for Business on a special DecisionTelecom platform.

Furthermore, with the help of DecisionTelecom's web interface with integrated Chat Inbox customer interaction 4B Corporation agents gain insight into the analytics required to improve customer service, including first response time, average waiting time, statistics, and many more.

For verifying the participants of webinars and events it was proposed to integrate DecisionTelecom’s SMS API to automate the process.

Since Viber for Business as a channel for requests proved successful, 4B decided to replace e-mail with a chat app for all future requests.


Automated communication, reduced waiting time and improved customer satisfaction

Using DecisionTelecom’s customer communications platform, Viber for Business and SMS API 4B managed to quickly improve and expand their customer communications. The implementation of DecisionTelecom’s SMS API allowed them to send messages all over the world, no matter what country the customer wants to register from, the messages are guaranteed to be delivered.

In addition, all requests in Viber chats were resolved within the first 30 minutes, thereby reducing the average waiting time by 87%.

4B also surveyed their customers to get an insight into ​​Viber as a customer service tool. Over 75% of 4B customers reported that they prefer communicating via Viber.

Overall, 4B Corporation has been able to scale their customer service team in a way that was not possible with e-mail resulting in increased overall customer satisfaction.

Volodymyr Bezditnyi
partner at 4B Ukraine
DecisionTelecom helped us digitize our customer communication. Using the web interface we managed to provide a seamless customer service through Viber for Business resulting in an 87% reduction of average waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.
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