Increased engagement and reduced costs by means of SMS messaging

Increased engagement and reduced costs by means of SMS messaging

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Increased engagement and reduced costs by means of SMS messaging


Low speed and delivery rate of SMS have resulted in low customer retention rate.

Prior to DecisionTelecom, the company used a low-quality SMS service (low speed and SMS delivery rate), which means that many customers did not receive messages from Balzam Bolotova. These factors together affected overall customer satisfaction and retention.

The company realized that in order to keep their customers satisfied and loyal, they needed to cooperate with a messaging provider that could guarantee better quality, higher speed, and higher SMS delivery rates.


Implementation of DecisionTelecom’s SMS solution

Upon learning that DecisionTelecom has direct connections with communications providers all over the world, the company was convinced that they found the right technology partner for their business needs

Balzam Bolotova began to use DecisionTelecom’s communication platform to send personalized advertising messages and informational SMS.

DecisionTelecom’s platform allowed creating and scheduling messaging, replenishing accounts online, viewing reports, all within one universal web interface. This greatly helped the company and made their communication with customers easier.

Furthermore, due to direct connections with communications providers, all customers received SMS messages in time, and the message delivery rate also increased, which resulted in greater number of orders and significantly higher conversion rare.


Increased revenues, improved customer engagement and reduced operating costs

The use of DecisionTelecom’s platform for sending SMS messages has shown significant results for Balzam Bolotova.

The speed and delivery rate of SMS increased from about 60% to 90%, which resulted in an increase in the number of orders, an about 15% decrease in costs, as well as a 25% increase in revenue.

After a rapid increase in customer satisfaction and positive business results, Balzam Bolotova is now adding more communication channels by DecisionTelecom.

Oleh Rudenko
co-founder of Balzam Bolotova
We needed a reliable SMS service provider to help us improve our delivery quality and maintain a high level of quality. DecisionTelecom's SMS solutions have helped us significantly improve our message delivery rates by 30%. DecisionTelecom's competitive rates have also helped us cut our costs by 15%, and their user-friendly web interface helps us do everything we need online from anywhere in the world.”
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