Improved customer service quality by 30% by optimization of passenger notifications

Improved customer service quality by 30% by optimization of passenger notifications

Bees Airline is a new Ukrainian airline. Bees Airline offers both regular and charter international and domestic flights. The airline was founded in 2019, and as soon as in March 2021, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine issued an air operator certificate to the new carrier. The airline's fleet includes Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation which has been brought to the sky since 2010 and seats up to 162 passengers in a two-class layout or 189 passengers in a one-class layout. The airline plans to increase the number of aircraft in the future. Currently, Bees Airline has offices in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, despite the fact that it was founded relatively recently.
Improved customer service quality by 30% by optimization of passenger notifications


Bees Airline engaged in air transportation strives to improve their customer service quality by providing the passengers around the world with well-timed flight information.

The Ukrainian Bees Airline engaged in air transportation offers people the most affordable prices and maximum comfort for both domestic and international flights that cover such countries as: Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Montenegro and Ukraine.

Since the new airline is growing and developing rapidly, they define passenger comfort as the main key to their continued success. This is why the company sought to optimize the process of passenger notification in order to improve the customer service quality.

According to analytics, a personal notification with information about an upcoming flight is important for a customer. The e-mail channel turned out to be ineffective as short easily accessible messages work for most passengers better. Information did not reach customers on time causing uncertainty.

Therefore, Bees Airline wanted to use an affordable and efficient communication channel for their passengers, thereby improving the quality of customer service around the world.


Customer engagement solution facilitates effective feedback and improves customer experience.

In order to help Bees Airline improve the customer feedback process, we provided an SMS notification service that functions through the official communication channel, on behalf of the air company.

SMS messaging is the fastest way to convey information about a flight to a passenger anywhere in the world. In order to automate the process, our platform provided SMS API for individual targeted messaging, as well as full delivery reports to control SMS delivery rate among passengers.

SMS messaging is a more efficient way to keep in touch with customer, provide up-to-date information and automate the work of the contact center

Customer centricity is an essential element of Bees Airline's business, and our solution helps support it through the SMS communication channel.


Optimized customer notification system increased conversion rate by 30%.

Optimized customer notification system allowed Bees Airline to reach its targets and increase conversion rate by 30%.

With the help of Decision Telecom's official worldwide SMS messaging Bees Airline can keep its customers updated with all the information about the selected flight.

We are currently planning to expand the communication channels for Bees Airline, which could be Viber and WhatsApp for Business with their additional features that will help further increase the conversion rate by reaching new customers around the world.

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