Increased driver conversion rate and quality of customer service
Viber for Business

Increased driver conversion rate and quality of customer service

Lubimoe TAXI is a passenger transportation company that provides drivers with a simple and user-friendly LT Driver app. One of the leading services for ordering a taxi through either a mobile app or an operator, offering high-quality service and keen rates. The mission of the company is to transport all customers to their destination safely by a comfortable vehicle.
Increased driver conversion rate and quality of customer service


Reaching new customers and informing drivers

In order to expand its network of highly qualified drivers and reach new customers, Lubimoe Taxi was looking for a platform for multimedia advertising and notifications. It was also crucial to ensure informational value of the content, process automation, and delivery efficiency. Advertising messages in messengers, which are preferred by their users, sent from the company's official account, would help not only improve the quality of customer service, but also become part of the company's development marketing.


Implementation of Decision Telecom’s web interface for sending notifications to passengers and drivers via Viber.

Nowadays, there are a number of popular messengers for marketing communication used in the Ukrainian market. For Lubimoe TAXI this meant implementing Viber as the main channel for communication with customers and notifying drivers. Advertising info messages, company’s special offers, registration forms, educational materials and even chat with a customer – all this is possible with Decision Telecom's Viber for Business.


Expanded customer reach and increased driver conversion.

Viber is one of the most popular messengers in Ukraine. Thanks to the use of this communication channel from the official account of the company, the taxi ordering service managed to expand its target customer reach, as well as keep the drivers notified without delay. The brand's marketing company has also increased the conversion rate by promoting a mobile app developed by Lubimoe TAXI.

Decision Telecom is looking forward to further cooperation and business development with Lubimoe TAXI. To make communication with customers and drivers even more convenient, we are going to introduce ChatInbox service that will allow the brand to communicate officially in any messengers in one place and in real time.

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