Increased sales, goods shipment control and verification of users
Viber for Business

Increased sales, goods shipment control and verification of users

Mantinga Ukraine is one of the largest modern enterprises in Eastern Europe engaged in the production of frozen bakery and confectionery semi-finished products. The products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards and are developed by experienced planners from Germany, France and Italy. Mantinga Ukraine has been selling its products in the Ukrainian market for 20 years, and also importing them to more than 30 countries.
Increased sales, goods shipment control and verification of users


Reaching new customers and goods delivery control

Mantinga Ukraine is an innovative company that keeps pace with cutting-edge food production technologies and trends. The quality of products and detailed consultation by specialists are the key to the successful work of many years.

The company needed to automate the process of signing up new customers in the system, as well as to lead new and existing customers through the loyalty system. Moreover, they needed the product delivery process to be accompanied by customer notification in order to avoid crisis situations.

Mantinga Ukraine sought to optimize customer contacts using modern digital channels.


Use of SMS API for registration and logistics, Viber platform for customer notification.

In order to help Mantinga Ukraine communicate effectively with their customers, we offered them such communication services as SMS and Viber for Business.

With the help of SMS API, the registration of new users on the website is now automated and protected by verification, which increases customer confidence. In addition, SMS notifications to track the ordered products provide customer with a direct connection with a courier and ensure the safety of delivery.

Mantinga Ukraine managed to provide personalized information in their customers' favorite chat app. With its informative multimedia content, messaging in Viber from the company's official account had a positive effect on their customers.


Increased sales and systematized interaction with customers.

Mantinga Ukraine is now able to interact with their customers for different areas of service through a universal platform. This omnichannel approach to customers has contributed to the increase of service quality and lead conversion. Such approach has led to automation and reduced workload of employees, as well as increased sales.

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