How to Confirm a Customer's Order on the Website: 30 Templates.

How to Confirm a Customer's Order on the Website: 30 Templates.

An order confirmation SMS is a message you send to customers after they make a purchase on your website. This notification lets them know you've received and acknowledged their order.

Customers expect and often open these messages. Here's what your order confirmation SMS should do:

  • Alert customers their order is confirmed and being processed. This builds trust and assures them their order hasn't been lost.
  • Allow customers to verify their order details. If there are errors, they can contact you immediately to fix them.
  • Include order details: amount, list of items, estimated shipment or delivery date.

Sending order confirmation SMS keeps you connected with customers and shows you care about their experience. This builds loyalty and creates a positive customer service experience.

10 SMS Examples Confirming Order Receipt

The moment a customer places an order on your website or app, they automatically get an SMS to ease their worry and confirm the system received their order. Here are some examples you can use:

  1. Hi [Name], thanks for shopping at [Company Name]! Order # [number] is placed. We'll notify you about delivery.
  2. Congrats, [Name]! Order # [number] is part of our system. We're getting it to you ASAP. Expect an SMS with the tracking number.
  3. Hello, [Name]! We received order # [number] and started processing it. It'll ship in 1-3 days. You'll get an SMS with the tracking number.
  4. Thanks for ordering from [Company Name], [Name]! We'll let you know when your package is on the way.
  5. Hi, [Name]! Your order for [items] is confirmed and sent to the warehouse. It'll be delivered to [address]. Thanks for trusting us!
  6. [Name], your order is accepted and being processed. It will arrive within 2 hours, but we'll try to be faster. Expect a call from the courier. To change the address, call [phone number].
  7. Hello, [Name]! Thanks for ordering on our website [link]. We're packing your items now. Expect delivery in 2-3 days to [address].
  8. Good afternoon, [Name]! We're packing order # [number]. Once it's at the post office, you'll get an SMS with a tracking number. Thanks for choosing us!
  9. Dear [Name], thanks for shopping at [website link]! We'll let you know when your package is on the way. Stay tuned!
  10. [Name]! Order # [number] is confirmed! We love your choices and will deliver ASAP! Track your order status in your account.

You can set up your SMS list to ensure prompt delivery confirmation to customers. People appreciate quick updates on their purchases.

Receiving an order confirmation within seconds builds trust. Customers will feel confident you'll handle other requests quickly too.

10 SMS Examples for Order Dispatch Confirmation

Order dispatch confirmations show you care about professionalism and customer satisfaction. Here are message examples with fast updates on order status:

  1. Hello, [Name], great news! Your order # [number] is on its way. Track it here: [link to carrier's website].
  2. Hi [Name], your order is on its way! It's [amount]. You'll have 5 days to pick it up at the post office after arrival. Thanks for choosing us!
  3. Hey [Name], our courier [name] is halfway to you! For feedback, call: [number].
  4. Hi [Name], your order is shipped! Expect delivery on [date] by [time]. Order number: [number]. Track it here!
  5. Your order is dispatched! It arrives on [date]. Track it in your account or at the link: [link to carrier's site].
  6. [Name], your beauty package is on its way! Enjoy our new products and upgrade your routine. Arrives on [date]. Tracking number: [number].
  7. Hello fashionista! Your dress is shipped! Get ready to shine. Arrives on [date]. Track it here: [link to carrier's website].
  8. Breaking news, [Name]! Your order # [number] is shipped. Track it here: [link].
  9. Hi [Name], your parcel is on its way! Tracking number [number]. Enjoy your purchase and leave a review on our website!
  10. Book lover, [Name]! Get ready to explore! Your order is on its way (tracking number). Dive in and share your thoughts on our website: [link].

Sending automatic dispatch SMS frees up your support team. By receiving prompt information about the status of orders, customers are less likely to call and write to the company to ask about the arrival of goods.

10 SMS Examples with Order Confirmation Gifts

Want to keep customers engaged? Offer them a bonus for their next purchase in the order confirmation SMS! See below for a few examples of how to do this:

  1. Hi [Name], your order is confirmed! It arrives in 2-3 days. Get a personalized 10% discount on your next purchase as a thank you! See details: [link].
  2. Greetings, [Name]! Order # [number] is being processed. Welcome! We are very happy to meet you, so we are giving you free shipping on your next purchase with promo code SUMMER.
  3. Thanks for your order, [Name]! We'll let you know when it ships. Here's a bonus: 15% off your next purchase with code IMBACK. See details: [link].
  4. Hello, [Name]! We received your order and are getting it ready. Thanks for choosing us for [number] years! Enjoy a 15% discount on your next purchase to show our gratitude.
  5. Greetings, [Name]! Order # [number] arrives soon! Since you are with us for the first time, get a 200 UAH discount on your first purchase. Valid until [date].
  6. Welcome back, [Name]! Your order is received and goes to delivery today. We appreciate your loyalty! Get 15% off your next order with code LOYAL15. Details: [link].
  7. Hi, [Name]! Order # [number] is on its way. Thank you for choosing us! Use code NEXT10 at checkout for 10% off your next purchase until [date].
  8. Good afternoon, [Name]! Thanks for your order from [shop name]. Your parcel ships tomorrow. Get a personalized 15% discount on your next purchase with code GIFT15 until [date].
  9. Hello, [Name]! Order # [number] is shipped. See you again soon! Enjoy free shipping on your next order. Valid until [date].
  10. Hello, [Name]! We received your order # [number] and are preparing it for dispatch. We know you'll be back! Get a 100 UAH bonus on your next purchase. Details: [link to site].

Bonuses and gifts work for both new and returning customers. Emphasize that the offer is personalized to build customer loyalty. Consider adding a time limit to the promotion in the message (if space allows) or on your website (link to terms).

Tips for Writing Order Confirmation SMS

A well-written order confirmation SMS can be a powerful marketing tool that boosts sales. Here are some key tips from Decision Telecom experts:

  • Start with a greeting and personalize it by name.
  • If space permits, include individual details of the request in the text: number, purchase amount, selected payment method, delivery address. This will help the customer make sure their order will be formed correctly.
  • Provide a link to track the package or order status.
  • End with a thank you and invite them to shop again.
  • Keep it short and clear for easy reading.

Need help creating a customer SMS list? Contact Decision Telecom's sales department. Our experts can help you connect with customers anywhere.

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