How to independently assemble a database for SMS messaging without spending a penny

How to independently assemble a database for SMS messaging without spending a penny

Mass SMS Messaging — is a marketing tool, the effectiveness of which primarily depends on the quality of customer databases for messaging. This is a kind of platform for the implementation of sending messages. 

The base of telephone numbers for SMS messaging should contain active, interested subscribers. That is, the priority for marketers is quality, not number. 

It makes no sense to create long lists of contacts, half of which are not your target audience. In addition, in most countries sending users commercial SMS without their consent is prohibited by law.

The collection of a solid client database for messaging is a rather difficult task, given the reluctance of modern users to share personal information.

Buying a database of telephone numbers: for and against

Business owners and marketers who do not want to waste time and budget on preparation for mass SMS messaging choose light routes. One of these is the purchase of a ready-made list of contacts. Most of enterprising "experts" this method of developing a database of telephone numbers seems simple, fast and effective.

Indeed, the temptation is very large, because in just a few tens of US dollars, companies receive lists for hundreds of thousands of contacts. The question is, how much does it work?

In most cases, this method is illegal, and your messaging will be considered spam. As practice shows, more than 50% of the subscribers of such a database for SMS messaging did not give consent to the use of their personal data. 

In addition to doubts about the legality of the method, the purchased base of telephone numbers causes fears regarding their quality, and this is why:

  1. Messages sent to such addressees almost always fall into the Spam folder, which is read by less than 1% of users.
  2. You cannot be sure of the reliability of contacts, especially if you use the services of cheap, unverified agents. 
  3. The seller cannot guarantee the 100 percent relevance of the client databases: most often contacts in them are people who are no longer active in the network.
  4. Do not hope that your messaging will work for a “cold” audience, which are acquired subscribers.

Conclusion: buying ready-made client databases for messaging is a losing option. In fact, you do not acquire a base, but the possibility of a one-time messaging on it. The method is ineffective, moreover, it threatens with serious sanctions from providers and search engines.

Five ways to self-fill the database of numbers for SMS-messaging

A self-collected base of phone numbers may be small but will work much more efficiently in terms of converting buyers into regular customers.

Interacting with such consumers is much easier. In addition, you form a positive attitude towards the brand in advance, because you do not invade the personal space of a person.

Collection of contacts in the traditional way

An effective, and therefore the most favorite method of filling the database of numbers for SMS messaging at shops, retail chains, coffee houses - activation of bonus/discount cards by sending SMS to a short number. In addition to increasing sales, you can also get contacts, which over time will make up client databases for messaging.

Website - a mine of contacts for your business

Or, to be more precise, not the site itself, but what opportunities it opens up for your business. Companies can use:

  1. Mandatory registration by phone number with consent to receive messaging.
  2. Pop-up windows offering to subscribe to the messaging.
  3. Providing contact details at the time of purchase through the site's shopping cart.
  4. Questioning and collecting feedback from customers in order to fill the database of numbers for SMS messaging. 

Development of a full-fledged site takes a lot of time and requires considerable investments, but it increases checks like nothing else.

Bright selling landings

Companies often use landing pages to collect customer databases for messaging.

This method is suitable for those who offer complex or expensive products such as a car, an apartment, where the decision-making cycle takes a longer time. Therefore, landing pages require a lot of funds for development and pre-advertising. 

Lead magnets - a modern approach to business

A lead magnet is a profitable application from a brand in exchange for the user's contact information. For example, you have a cool checklist of exercises to create a toned body. To receive it, the client must leave his contact. 

To do this, you need a website or a chat in messenger. Users leave a request, receive what they promised, and you fill in the bases of numbers for SMS messaging.

Collecting feedback, even negative ones

Modern buyers willingly express their opinion about the product and share their experience of interaction with the brand.

Give consumers the opportunity to leave honest product reviews on the site or comment on something. But they will be able to do this only after registration. 

When you have a database of phone numbers, well-formed email text and a reliable platform for delivering messages to users, an SMS campaign will be successful.

How to Collect Contacts and Avoid Being a Spammer

It happened: you have recruited databases for messaging! But do not rush to joyfully send dozens of commercial SMS randomly.

Even if you have formed a database of contacts in a legal way, there are several points that will help make the messaging more “green”:

  • Use the checkbox to subscribe. Give the user the opportunity to decide whether to receive the messaging or not. 
  • Add Double Opt-In. Two-Step Subscription improves the quality of customer databases and eliminates accidental subscriptions. 
  • Send notifications about the successful activation of a subscription. The letter will be proof that the recipient has agreed to the messaging, and will help weed out people who signed up by mistake.
  • Save information in log files - text documents that accumulate records about user actions on the site. 
  • Provide an easy unsubscribe. If you see that the user is not interacting with your messaging, send an additional message and check the relevance of the advertising. 
  • Create stop lists. Maintain a list of users who have categorically opted out so that these subscribers do not receive similar promotional SMS in your other campaigns.
  • Update the database of phone numbers. Remove obsolete, blocked, or inactive subscribers from it regularly. One of the methods of mechanical cleaning— HLR technology

Ideally, companies should adhere to all these recommendations to protect themselves from reputational and financial losses.

In conclusion

When studying the methods of collecting a base of numbers for SMS messaging, remember the main thing: it must correspond to your target audience, contain contacts of potential customers who are interested in your product and are ready to move on to the transaction stage.

Decision Telecom's "warm" database of phone numbers and service of mass SMS messaging will ensure the success of your marketing campaign. Want to dive into our cost-effective, easy-to-use text messaging platform? Sign up to start.

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