How to Draft Text Message Invitations: 10+ Examples
Sergii Diachenko
Sergii Diachenko
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How to Draft Text Message Invitations: 10+ Examples

In today’s fast-paced digital world, SMS remains a highly relevant communication channel for a wide range of use cases. Text messages are instant and hard to miss, making them an ideal way to get important information directly to your audience. Whether it's sending appointment reminders, marketing promotions, or critical alerts, SMS offers a reliable and effective means of communication. According to a 2023 survey by, 75% of people check their phone notifications within five minutes of hearing their phone ding!

One specific and increasingly popular use case for SMS is sending invitations. Whether you’re organizing a business event, a personal celebration, or a community gathering, SMS invitations ensure your message is received promptly and read quickly. The immediacy and directness of text messages make them a perfect fit for sending out invitations and ensuring high attendance rates.


What are text message invitations?

An SMS (text) invitation is an online invitation intended to notify and persuade users to attend an event. Unlike straightforward statements or yes/no questions, text message invitations might include crucial information like the date, time, venue, and RSVP guidelines for an event. They go one step further by giving the receivers an easy method to add the event to their calendars, acquire directions, and save the date. This approach guarantees that your invite is sent out right away and is likely to be seen, which makes it an excellent instrument for increasing event attendance and participation.


Why sending text message invitations can be better than using other channels

For a number of reasons, text-based invitations can be a better option than other methods.

  • Texting is easy and quick, as preparing physical invites requires a lot of time and work.
  • Text messages are an environmentally friendly choice because they conserve paper and are far less expensive than printing and mailing invitations.
  • Sending out physical invitations by mail across international boundaries can be challenging and expensive, and there's always a danger that the mail will be lost or delivered late.
  • Unlike emails, which are easily overlooked or wind up in spam folders, text messages allow you to engage with anybody, anywhere, at any time. Your invitations will be viewed and responded to right away.
  • With everyone having SMS notifications enabled, your message is hard to miss, making text message invitations a practical and efficient choice.

The key components of a text message invitation

It's crucial to add a few essential components to your text message invitations so that your guests will know all the details. Furthermore, there exist certain supplementary components that can augment your message of invitation and furnish the recipients with additional ease. The essential elements are divided into the following two categories:


  • What is the event: Clearly state the nature of the event so recipients know what they are being invited to.
  • Day: Mention the day of the week when the event will take place.
  • Date: Provide the exact date of the event.
  • Time: Specify the start time of the event.
  • Venue: Include the location where the event will be held.



  • Name of guest: Personalizing the invite with the recipient's name can make it more engaging.
  • RSVP info: Provide a way for guests to confirm their attendance.
  • Venue map link: Include a link to a map for easy navigation.
  • Dress code info: Inform guests if there is a specific dress code.
  • Link to programme: Share a link to the event’s agenda or schedule.
  • Poster link: Add a link to the event poster for more visual details.
  • Poster attachment: You can convert the SMS to an MMS to include a poster image, though this may cost more.
  • Catchy tag line: Add a fun or catchy tagline to make the invite more appealing.
  • Deadline to respond: Specify if there is a deadline for RSVP.
  • Ticket price/info: Provide details about any costs associated with attending.
  • Link to registration form: Include a link to an online registration form if required.


How to send text message invitations


For small personal events

Using electronic invitations is a quick and simple method to get in touch with participants when organizing intimate gatherings. With a cell phone, you can simultaneously forward a single text message to multiple people. Though this will vary depending on the model of your phone, be advised that there can be limits on how many contacts you can choose at once.

For instance, according to users on Apple's forums, iPhones have a limit of 32 members per group for SMS. So, you might need to create multiple groups if you have more guests. Despite these limitations, sending text message invitations remains a quick and easy way to get the word out about your event. Just draft your message, select your contacts, and hit send – it's that simple!


For large-scale events

When planning large events, sending texts to hundreds or thousands of contacts from your smartphone is impractical. That's where Decision Telecom's bulk SMS messaging service shines! With Decision Telecom, you can easily personalize your texts, adding that special touch that generic messages just can't provide.

Scheduling your messages becomes a breeze, allowing you to send invitations at the perfect time or in well-organized batches. Need to manage RSVPs? Decision Telecom's two-way communication feature lets you handle responses effortlessly, keeping everything neatly in one inbox. Plus, their SMS delivery reports ensure that everyone receives and opens your invitation. With Decision Telecom, not only do you streamline your event planning, but you also make sure no one misses out on your big event. It’s efficient, reliable, and perfect for creating a buzz around your special occasion!


10+ examples of SMS invites

Birthday party invite

The tone of a birthday party invite should be cheerful and celebratory, reflecting the fun and excitement of the occasion.

Wedding invite

A wedding invite should be elegant and joyous, conveying the special significance and celebration of the union.

Launch party for your new outlet

The tone of a launch party invite should be exciting and welcoming, creating anticipation and enthusiasm for the new outlet.

Conference invite

A conference invite should be professional and engaging, highlighting the value and opportunities the event offers to potential attendees.

Sports gala invitation

A sports gala invitation should be energetic and enthusiastic, encouraging attendees to participate and enjoy the exciting activities and competitions.

Office event

An office event invitation should be professional yet warm, fostering a sense of camaraderie and encouraging team participation.

High school reunion

The tone of a high school reunion invitation should be nostalgic and welcoming, sparking excitement and fond memories among the attendees.

Fundraiser invitation

A fundraiser invitation should be heartfelt and motivating, inspiring recipients to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Town hall invite

A town hall invitation should be informative and inclusive, encouraging community members to participate in discussions and share their insights and ideas for the betterment of the locality.

Community meetup invitation

The tone of a community meetup invitation should be welcoming and inviting, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging community members to come together, connect, and collaborate on shared interests and goals.


One easy method for making your own personalized invites is to use these samples as templates. While keeping the general format and tone of the supplied samples, you can alter the details to fit your occasion, target audience, and personal taste. These templates offer a strong basis for efficiently conveying important details and enticing your guests, whether it's a birthday party, wedding, or work event. You may customize the language and add personal touches to give your visitors an unforgettable invitation experience.

Are you prepared to effectively send out those invites, announcements, or promotions by streamlining your mass messaging efforts? The bulk messaging service offered by Decision Telecom is the best option. You can easily compose, customize, and schedule your messages with our platform's straightforward interface. Also, you can monitor the effectiveness of your initiatives in actual time with the aid of our robust analytics tools. Don't let this chance pass you by; begin bulk texting with Decision Telecom right now to simplify the process!

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