Plans and prices in Republic of the Congo

SMS from € 0.2236 / message
Prices for Republic of the Congo
Viber from € 0.0156 / message
Prices for Viber Transaction 0.0156 €
Prices for Viber Promotion 0.0273 €
WhatsApp from € 0.039 / message
Prices for WhatsApp User-Initiated Rate 0.039 €
Prices for WhatsApp Business-Initiated - Marketing 0.02418 €
Prices for WhatsApp Business-Initiated - Utility 0.01729 €
Prices for WhatsApp Business-Initiated - Authentication 0.01547 €

* For Viber, WhatsApp and SMS, depending on the country, a monthly fee for using a business account or a brand name may apply, check with the manager for details.

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