What and When to Write to Customers: Top 10 SMS Messaging for Your Business

What and When to Write to Customers: Top 10 SMS Messaging for Your Business

Bulk SMS mailing is among the most reliable tools of modern digital marketing. Following researchers' reports, more than 90% of cell phone users open all incoming messages. Moreover, the Ukrainian companies' experience shows that the SMS messaging conversion rate ranges from 35% to 45%.

For its part, Decision Telecom may help you launch mass SMS mailings on behalf of your brand. We use licensed messaging channels through direct connections to mobile operators. Below, you'll find an overview of 10 varieties of SMS mailings that ensure high conversion rates for your company from our specialists.


A greeting (welcome) message is appropriate to send to new leads. The latter refers to potential customers (prospects) who have done the following:

  • registered at your website;
  • subscribed to one's company's social media profile;
  • filled out the feedback form;
  • signed up to receive notifications from your enterprise.

It's not enough to be just polite and write something like "Thank you for subscribing/registering!" to pique a prospect's desire to make a purchase. We also recommend briefly telling potential customers about the product as well as offering a small bonus that is limited in time. This increases your chances of capturing the lead's attention and inducing them to buy here and now.

Returning Customers

Messages of this type are sent to the target audience's segment that once bought one's products/services but then stopped interacting with their company.

Here are examples of SMS mailings for businesses to win back customers and get new orders from them:

  • Sending an intriguing message with a headline like "Too bad we have to say goodbye today!" and "stitching" a time-limited yet attractive encouragement.
  • Offering a certain amount of bonus points to customers with which they can partially pay for their order.

Furthermore, some companies provide the opportunity to exchange an old item previously purchased from them for a new model with a small extra payment.

Special Offers for Loyal Customers

You should make consumers feel the exclusivity of the offer they have just received to get them to respond to your message. It's necessary to address the customer by their name.

You can invite a consumer to a closed sale for the most active buyers, which lasts only 1 to 3 days. Furthermore, one may give a personalized promo code, which has to be named to the seller or entered into the checkout form at your site. Promo code validity should be time-constrained.

Another variant of a special SMS offer is to notify a customer about the arrival of a finite number of new goods. Of course, consumers may realize that similar items will soon appear in your competitors' assortments. Nevertheless, customers will buy from you out of gratitude that your company personally informed them about an exclusive novelty.

Reminders of Incomplete Purchases

This type of SMS mailing suits only companies that have a website. When browsing the range of stores, potential customers frequently add products they'd like to buy not to their favorites but immediately to the cart. Then they just go away to think.

Visitors who still haven't placed an order after a few days are recommended to be reminded about this by sending a message that includes, for example, the texts as follows:

  • "There is still a product waiting for them in the cart";
  • "Adding to the cart is not a product reservation".

You're advised to supplement the message with some motivation to make a potential customer want to make a purchase as soon as possible after reading the SMS. This, e.g., implies the following:

  • three units of goods for the price of two;
  • free delivery for an order of a certain amount;
  • accrual/deduction of bonus points;
  • 10-15% discount on one or more products from the cart.

The validity of these offers above should be limited to 1 to 2 days so prospects decide to buy without delays.

Selling Related Products/Services

This type of messaging is aimed at those who have recently purchased your stuff/assistance. In SMS, a seller should thank a customer for the order and then offer them one or more products that would be a good addition to the item/service they have already bought.

One can also recommend some interesting bonuses with a limited validity period to make it harder for a customer to refuse an unplanned purchase.

Announcements of Upcoming Sales

Such a mailing is relevant if a company is going to organize a complete sellout of a seasonal collection or liquidation of goods due to closure, relocation, retooling, etc. The messaging is most effective for offline retail outlets.

So, prospects come to you for essential discounts, ready to spend a significant amount of funds now to not spend more money in the future. After viewing the sale on a website, many go away to think about the appropriateness of the purchase. In a real-life store, on the other hand, there is virtually no time to make a decision because someone else can immediately pick up the discounted goods.

Reminders That Customers Will Need Your Product/Service Again Soon

This fits businesses whose consumers buy the same stuff/assistance regularly. For instance, hairdressers, pharmacies, nail salons, internet providers, consumable stores, etc.

In a message, you should remind the customer that they need to pre-register for a procedure, replenish their personal account, book one or more units of goods, and so on. One has to start sending reminders at least a week in advance. Those who haven't performed the targeted action can be notified again in 2 to 3 days.

Changes in Cooperation Terms

It's better to notify all regular customers via SMS in advance about upcoming shifts in delivery conditions, payment methods, assortment, working hours, etc. This will increase consumer confidence in your company as well as minimize the probability that they'll be disappointed and leave for competitors.

We also recommend notifying customers about changes in prices/tariffs by SMS. To minimize the potential dissatisfaction of consumers, you may indicate that the current cost is valid until a particular date and that they still have the opportunity to order the product at an old price.

On top of that, you may prevent customer dissatisfaction by offering bonus points that can be used to partially pay for the purchase after the cost increase.


This messaging type should become one of the key marketing tools for those who conduct regular pieces of training, lectures, conferences, and master classes. For each event, you can create an entire series of messages, gradually notifying the client about the following:

  • place and time of an occasion;
  • conditions of participation;
  • registration procedure;
  • speakers;
  • methods of getting additional materials, etc.

Making the ultimate mailing is recommended a day before an event, reminding each registrant of the occasion.

Situational mailing

This mailing type involves messages created to suit sudden events or changes. For instance, a new sports club with a pool has opened in a city, and you have swimwear in stock. Invite potential customers into your store by offering to purchase bathing suits to spend the weekend at the newly launched facility.

Or there are icy outdoor conditions, and you sell ice boots. Immediately advise your customers to purchase the means of traveling safely on the street.

Of course, the 10 types of SMS mailing for your business above aren't a complete list of messages to enhance sales and profits. That's why Decision Telecom employees offer you the services of creating messages suitable for different segments of just your target audience. If necessary, we will set up resending business messages in Viber so that every subscriber will surely receive your notifications.

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